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How much amount was paid to Sanjay Dutt in KGF 2?

KGF 2 salary list for all artist

After KGF, the audience is eagerly waiting for KGF 2, a year ago the teaser of KGF-2 came. It was such a blast that all the records of Bahubali 2 were destroyed. 72 million views in just 24 hours. By the time of writing this news, more than 25 crore people have seen it. The figure of 25 crores will not take time to reach 30 crores, its trailer was released on 27 March. Its Hindi version has got around 8 crore views so far. The film is releasing on 14th April. Looking at its hype, it looks like it is going to face a tough competition with 'Beast' which will hit the theaters on April 13. fun is about to come. 

How much money did the makers spend on the film?

KGF is primarily a Kannada language film. It is also being released in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. Its chapter 1 did tremendous earnings. Not only did it earn well in Kannada, it also earned record breaking in other languages. Made in 80 crores, the box office collection of this film was 250 crores. After 'Bahubali', any film made a dent among the Hindi audience, then it was KGF. To cash this in, this time the makers have given important roles to the two big names of the Hindi film industry, Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon in the film. This time the producers have also spent more than the first chapter. The budget of KGF-2 is 100 crores. If the budget has increased, then the box office collection is also expected to increase. Along with Kannada, this film is going to explode in Telugu and Hindi.

 The makers have given a lot of money to the actors for this film. The market is hot with two things about Yash's fees for Chapter 2. One is that Yash doubled his fee. Secondly, the makers were happy and doubled their fees. According to a report of Aaj Tak, he has got 25 to 30 crores for KGF-2. Although this figure may be higher. Nowadays this arrangement is very much in trend that instead of taking fixed fees, big stars take percentage in profit. Yash may have adopted this system for a sureshot hit film like KGF 2. If this happens, then the amount they will get can be more than 30 crores.

KGF 2 is going to be released in cinema houses soon, these days there is a lot of discussion about the actors of this film, But do you know how much money the actors have taken for working in the film KGF 2? If not then in this article we are going to tell you about the salary of KGF 2 star cast.


Prakash Raj is a very old name in the film world, whose acting skills are seen a lot not only in Bollywood but also in South Indian films. Prakash specializes in playing both hero and villain. And soon Prakash will also be seen in KGF 2. Prakash Raj has received 58 lakh fees for working in this film.


Malavika is a famous actress of South Indian film industry. she has earned a lot of name in Tamil films. Malvika got 25 lakh rupees for working in KGF2.


Anant nag is a well-known actor of South indian film industry, We can see his talent in kgf2 also. Anant will also appear in KGF2, This actor has got 42 lakh for KGF 2.


Laxman is a very big star of South Indian film, He has done most of the films in Kannada language only. Laxman has also acted in KGF One movie and he will also appear in KGF2, Laxman has got 85lakh rupees for this movie.


Raveena Tandon is a famous Bollywood actress, Raveena has won the hearts of fans by giving hit performances in her films. Raveena is trying to play the character of RAMIKA Sen in the now KGF chapter 2. Raveena has taken 2 crores to work in this film.


We often see Ramachandra Raju in Kannada films only, Ramachandra Raju played the character of the villain GARUDA in the film KGF, And his acting was very much liked by the people, Will we see this in KGF2 also? Ramachandra Raju has charged one crore rupees for working in the film KGF.


Shrinidhi Shetty is the lead actress of KGF movie. Shrinidhi Shetty will now definitely be seen in kgf2 as she is the lead actress, Shrinidhi got ₹50lakh for this movie.


Now it is the turn of the director of this film, which is Prashant Neel, Prashant Neel has also direct KGF Chapter 1 and he is going to direct kgf2 as well, Prashant Neela is a very famous director of Kannada film industry, Prashant Neil charges ₹4crore for directing KGF film.


KGF movie hero Yash is the superstar of Kannada film industry, Yash is so realistic acting that FANS goes crazy about him, Yash has charged new ₹15CRORE for KGF film.


Sanjay Dutt is the legend of Bollywood film industry, Sanjay Dutt is called by his fans Sanju Baba, Baba by many such names. There is a line of reporters and his fans outside Sanjay Dutt's house. Sanjay Dutt is a very big name of Bollywood industry, Ever since it was revealed that Sanjay is going to work in kgf2, people are very eager to see this film, Sanju Baba is going to play the role of a villain named Adheera in this film, Sanjay Dutt has been given a very killer look in this film. Sanju baba has been given ₹7CRORE for this film.

The producers have spent a lot of money on this film. Now let's see how much money the public spends on the film, It is so sure that whether the story of this film is good or not, this film will prove to be a hit at the box office, so when the online booking has started, have you booked your ticket.

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