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Lock Up: Sara Khan's ex-husband Ali Merchant alleges

 Ekta Kapoor's 'Lockup' reality show is in constant controversy. Many big contestants of the industry have become a part of this show. Sara khan, who gained popularity from the serial 'Bidaai', is once again in the trending news as her ex-husband Ali Merchant has leveled serious allegations against her and her friends.

Lock Up: Sara Khan's ex-husband Ali Merchant alleges
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Ali Merchant Claimed

Lockup contestant Sara Khan's ex-husband Ali Merchant has claimed that he met Sara at a party recently. He didn't like meeting Sarah at all. Because his friends (boys) standing beside Sara tried to intimidate him when he went to talk to Sara.

Ali & Sara weddding in Big Boss 2010

Ali and Sara got married in 2010 on the sets of Bigg Boss. However, after two months of marriage, both of them separated. On meeting Sara after the divorce, Ali said, "Yes, we have met, but only a few days ago. We bumped into each other at a party. I tried to talk to her but she made a strange face. After this I came and stood next to my manager.


Ali said, "Soon after that I saw a group of boys come up to me and start scaring me. I told them don't do any drama. I don't want to do anything that will hurt you. I definitely scared them." It didn't happen. I perform live in front of ten thousand to twenty thousand people, how could I be scared of them."


Ali said that I would definitely go to Ekta kapoor's reality show 'Lock Up'(Host- kangna ranaut) if I had got the offer. He also said that if Sara talked about him on the show, he is sure that she would have enough answers to silence everyone.

Kangana vs Poonam Pandey 

You all know Poonam Pandey, she is a content creator and makes erotic videos. In Kangana Ranaut's new show Lock-up, Poonam told about her content. Poonam said that her content is not adult but erotic. In the very first episode of the lockup show, Kangana also made a controversial comment on Poonam, which is getting a lot of criticism.

Poonam Pandey says 'this is erotica, not adult films'
Actually, the concept of Kangana Ranaut's show Lockup is somewhat like 'Bigg Boss'. In the show, 16 controversial celebrities who are always in the media and news, all of them will be kept in lock up for months and their facilities will be taken away. As the prisoners are kept in the jail, these contestants will be locked in the jail of the show with people they don't like and don't want to see face to face. The lockup show is being streamed live on AltBalaji and MX Player. You can watch this show for free.

In the first episode of the show, the contestants do, and some people from the media industry are sitting there and they do 'media trial' of the contestants. That is, they are asked sharp sharp questions, basically whatever perception in the media about that person. That is, questions are asked on the discussion they have in public. Kangana told Poonam directly that she is accused of making adult movies and promoting them too. It is very important for you to know what Poonam said on this.

Where Poonam said "I don't make adult films, I make erotica. I have not broken any law in the number of videos I have made till date or the number of photos I have clicked and posted. If some people believe that it is an adult film, then it is their point of view, I have no problem with it. What I do is my kind of things and I am happy about them."

Then where is Kangana going to sit quietly, Kangana again asked the question, what is the difference between erotica and adult?

Poonam said, “Our country of India is the land of Kamasutra. And this is known to all Indians and Erotica is very close to Kamasutra."

 Agreeing with Poonam, Kangana said, 'Yes, Kamasutra is art.'

Now that the matter has come out, so let us tell you the difference between erotica and adult content. Erotica is a type of art, which deals with sexual subject matter. Erotica is a distinct genre in every art form like painting, sculpture, photography, drama, film, music or literature. At the same time, pornography or 'adult' content is created for the purpose of encouraging sexual desires through writing, picture, film etc. Poet and Greek scholar Anne Carson has written a book named 'Eros the bittersweet' after studying erotica. This book should be read by everyone. Made of Eros. Eros means 'wanting', 'lack', and 'the desire that is missing'. Now coming back to the topic.

In the show, a panelist asked Poonam a question,

“If India wins the match, I will be undressed, if this happens, I will be undressed, if that happens.. If you do such things, then someone tells you to talk or you do it yourself?”

Poonam replied,

I "come from a very small house. When I was 18 years old, I came into the industry, some people advised that you do such a controversy, you will be a hit immediately. You will start getting big films immediately. Now I am slowly getting wiser. Because the fame that comes from the controversy is of only 15 minutes. I have learned this. Talent only keeps you alive. I've done so many things under the influence of people that I don't."

What does Poonam ji do while staying in the lockup, what does she live in, and will she be able to win the hearts of the people, can she win this show, will people vote for Poonam, you will know this only after watching the show, And can Poonam have a fight with Kangana ji, why is Kangana hosting this show and Poonam will not be costly if she has a rift with the host?

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