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Imran Khan's failures

Pakistani currency fall

During the tenure of Imran Khan, the currency of Pakistan has fallen by 33%, that is, by a third, the Pakistani rupee has weakened by 12% against the dollar in less than a year.

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Corruption at its peak

1. Pakistan ranks 140 in the list of 180 countries for the 2021 corrections

2. Pakistan was ranked 120 in the Corruption Perception Index in 2019

3. Pakistan has slipped four places to 124 in 2020

4. Opposition has strongly attacked Imran Khan on corruption


1. Imran Khan government has proved to be a failure in providing employment to the people.

2. According to PIDE data, the unemployment rate in Pakistan has reached 16 percent.

3. At least 24 percent of educated people in Pakistan are unemployed

4. Male and female unemployment rates are 5.9% and 8.9%

Debt burden

1. According to the IMF, the foreign debt on Pakistan has increased to 90 billion dollars.

2. According to SBP data, there has been a 70 percent increase in debt since Imran's government.

3. 10.4 billion in debt taken in last 6 months of last year

4. After this, Pakistan has become one of the top 10 most indebted countries in the world.

Effect of inflation

1. According to PBH where inflation in March is 12.7% higher than 3 times higher than June 2018

2. According to CPI, inflation is at its highest level since January 12. 

3. Inflation has worsened the condition of the poor and middle class the most. 

4. the prices of ghee, oil, flour and chicken have reached historic levels.

Economy devastated

Pakistan's economic growth rate was 5.8 percent in the fiscal year 2018 and it has fallen to 0.99 percent in the next financial year i.e. 2019 itself. In the current period, the economic growth rate of Pakistan is 3.6 percent.

Clash with army

Relations between the army and Imran have started deteriorating since October last year when Imran Khan refused to sign the appointment of the new ISI chief Imran Khan wanted to retain his loyalist Faiz Hamid in the post. The differences between Bajwa and Imran came to light even after Bajwa said that there is a need to improve relations with America.

Troubled pakistan

Imran had promised to bring peace and tranquility in the country while assuming power, but there has been an increase in terrorist incidents. In 2018, 106 terrorist incidents were seen in Pakistan, while in 2021 it has reached the figure of 325.

Corona and locust attack

Despite adequate efforts to contain the epidemic in Pakistan, the results have been poor, Imran Khan failed to save crops from locust attack.

What will be the effect on India if Imran leaves the post of minister in Pakistan?

This is the first time in Pakistan's 'democracy' that a prime minister has been removed from power by passing a no-confidence motion in Parliament. That too exactly 49 years later, the date on which the Parliament of Pakistan approved the constitution, it is said that the proximity of Pakistan's army brought him to power, and over time the tussle with the army finally cleared Imran's address. . It is being said that Shahbaz Sharif can be the next PM of Pakistan. But in the midst of all these developments, it is important to know that what will be the effect of these changes in Pakistan on India.

After Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, the friendship between China and Pakistan was seen more. Imran Khan's anti-American voices were heard in subdued voices. Joe Biden's phone did not go to Islamabad even after Imran's lakhs of efforts. 

Here in the last two and a half years, a different stand of Imran was seen regarding India. After the Pulwama attack and the Balakot airstrike, the bitterness in India-Pakistan relations continued to grow. Imran started attacking PM Modi and RSS directly.

The vacuum created in the relations between the two countries due to the departure of Imran Khan, it has to be seen how long it will take to reduce it. Imran praised India's foreign policy on the go. Now the coming new government will also have to show in its country that its attitude is not like Imran. In such a situation, it may take some time to reduce the distance between New Delhi and Islamabad at the diplomatic level.

 International affairs experts say that Nawaz Sharif's party has always been seen as pro-India. Be it Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government or Narendra Modi's, Sharif's personal relations were not bad. When Modi became the PM, Sharif attended the swearing-in. Sometimes a sari went to Sharif's mother from Delhi and sometimes a special sari came from there for Modi's mother. If all goes well, this time Nawaz Sharif's brother Shahbaz Sharif can become PM in Pakistan. In such a situation, experts are hoping that some improvement can be seen in the relationship between the two countries.

In the last few years, except Pakistan and China, India's relations with all other neighbors have improved continuously. The tussle in relations with Nepal is over now. Sri Lanka's inclination towards Beijing was a matter of concern for India after Sri Lanka's agreement with China on the Hambantota port. But now the situation is not the same as before. A new warmth is being seen in India's relations with Maldives. Apart from this, what should be noted is India's relations with Arab countries. Whether it is UAE or Saudi Aber, relations are being seen on new dimensions during the tenure of Modi government.

Pakistan is understanding all these things very well. International affairs experts say that even though Pak Army Chief Bajwa is praising America openly, everyone knows how much America gives to Pakistan. Not only the government of Pakistan understands these things, but the army also understands it. There is also pressure on Pakistan's army that the ceasefire with India should not be broken. And Bajwa has also said that if India wants, Pakistan can move forward on the issue of Kashmir.

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