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Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

 1 liter of milk in Sri Lanka is ₹2000

The situation is getting worse in Sri Lanka. Along with the already implemented emergency here, the government has also announced a nationwide curfew. The President declared a state of emergency on April 1 to stop people's demonstrations against the government. After this, curfew has been imposed from April 2 to the morning of April 4, social media has also been completely banned there.
Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

And on the other hand, medicines, food items and other essential items have also become very expensive in Sri Lanka, daily milk is available for ₹ 2000 kg and rice is being sold for ₹ 200 per kg.

The Government of Sri Lanka has announced this while imposing curfew, which states that curfew is being imposed under the powers vested with the President.

Thousands of lawyers in Sri Lanka have asked the President to withdraw the emergency so that the freedom of the common man can be ensured and people can demonstrate peacefully.

On the one hand, curfew and emergency is going on in Sri Lanka and on the other hand the necessities have gone out of the people's purchase due to rising inflation and weakening currency, people are facing shortage of essentials people petrol-diesel milk rice They are standing in line for hours for medicines etc. Even after that they are not able to get things even with difficulty, the prices of things have become many times more than normal.

According to the news of India Today, the prices of vegetables have doubled in Colombo within a week, here wheat ₹ 180 per kg, rice ₹ 210 per kg, sugar ₹ 230 and coconut oil ₹ 850 per liter and one egg is getting ₹ 30.

Inflation in Sri Lanka has reached 17.5 percent and food inflation has reached 25 percent. Due to this the prices of food grains and food items have increased so much. At this time the condition is such that there has been a lot of shortage of medicines and milk. This is the reason why people are angry about the government. Due to which people were protesting on the road in different cities including the capital. The public is blaming President Rajapaksa for the lack of essentials.

The full story of the Rajapaksa family who drowned Sri Lanka

Today I will tell you the story of one such family. Who has been making a country dance on his finger for decades. So much so that now the country has become shaky. This is the story of the Rajapaksa family of Sri Lanka. Due to whose wrong policies and familyism, Sri Lanka has reached a dying state.

Sri Lanka's connection with Europe dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. Before that, India, China and Middle-East countries had stepped in there. India had the biggest influence on the language and way of life of Sri Lanka.

Vasco da Gama arrived in India in 1498 AD. He was the first European to reach India. The country of Portugal established its colony in India. Portugal appointed its first governor in 1505. His name was Francisco de Almeida. Francisco sent his son Lawrence to the Maldives. During this journey, he landed on the coast of Sri Lanka.

At that time Sri Lanka was divided into different kingdoms. Everyone was against each other. Portugal was watching all this and Portugal saw an opportunity. He laid the foundation of his colony in Colombo. This was the beginning of colonial rule in Sri Lanka.

The name Sri Lanka was earlier something else; the name 'Sri Lanka' came into vogue in the 1960s. It literally means the charming peninsula. The name got official recognition in 1972. Before that it was known as Ceylon.

The name Ceylon was given by the Portuguese. The Dutch came after the Portuguese. His rule began in 1658. However, Kandy remained out of their reach. Britain began occupying Ceylon in 1796. By 1815, he had also controlled Kandy. He started the cultivation of tea, coffee and coconut in Ceylon. Then brought Tamil workers from South India. In 1833, the whole of Ceylon came under British control.

In 1931 the British agreed to share power with the Sinhalese. He also gave voting rights to the local people. The British rule lasted till 1948. After the Second World War, an atmosphere started building against the colonial rule in the whole world. The same thing happened in Ceylon. There was a demand for independence. It was becoming difficult for Britain to govern. It was time for Britain to leave Ceylon.

The British agreed to leave Ceylon. Ceylon got independence on 04 February 1948. However, he still remained a Dominion of Britain. That is, even after independence, the British Crown continued to sit on the chair of the Head of the State. In May 1972, Ceylon decided to end Dominion Status. Then its name was also changed. Since then Ceylon is known as the Republic of Sri Lanka.

General elections were held in Sri Lanka just before the transfer of power in 1948. One of the winners was Don Alvin Rajapaksa. Don Alvin can be given the status of accidental leader. There is a story behind it. Don Alvin had a brother, Don Matthew Rajapaksa. He was a full time politician. He also won the election of the State Council. Don Alvin had helped his brother a lot in the election. But he was not particularly interested in politics. Then such an incident happened that he was forced to change.

Don Mathew died in 1945. He had a good hold in the area. People were shocked by his death. He got a glimpse of the brother in Don Alvin. He sat down stubbornly. Don Alvin Rajapaksa had to enter politics after losing. Their next generations are sitting at the top of Sri Lanka's power today.

After the death of his brother, by-elections were held in Hambantota. Don Matthew's influence was so great that no one stood up against Don Alvin. Don Alvin won the election unopposed.

He won for the second time in the 1947 elections. However, this time he came after winning on the ticket of United National Party (UNP). He had a partner in this party, Solomon West Ridgeway Diaz Bandaranaike. He was believed to be the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. But in the internal tussle of the party, the chair fell away. However, his desire was not suppressed. Bandaranaike was angry with the policies of the party.

Then came the year 1951. It was the month of July. One day, Bandaranaike along with his supporters crossed the floor inside the house and sat on the opposition's chair. He had announced his separation from the UNP. Don Alvin was also among those who supported him. The rebel faction formed its own party. Named after, Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

The SLFP had a massive success in the 1956 elections. The party won the election. Bandaranaike became the Prime Minister. Don Alvin was made a deputy in the ministry.

Bandaranaike was running the government very well. It is 25 September 1959. It was 09 in the morning. Bandaranaike used to hold Janata Darbar in his house. In this, he used to listen to the complaints of the people. Janta Darbar was going on that day also. Then a Buddhist monk stood up. He prayed and saluted the Prime Minister. In the middle of the conversation, he took out the revolver from under the cloth and started firing. Bandaranaike was seriously injured. He died the next day in the hospital.
After the death of Solomon Bandaranaike, the chair of the party president and the prime minister was vacant. And Don Alvin's name was coming in the list of contenders. But when the moment of truth came, Solomon's wife Sirima Bandaranaike got her name written. She also became the Prime Minister.
On the other hand, Don Mathew could not go much further in politics. He was defeated in the 1965 election. He died two years later. Don Mathew had nine children. Among them, Mahinda started politics in the 1970s. Another Gotabaya went to the army. Mahinda's ambition was big. But he did not reveal it.
Then came the year of 1994. Sirima Bandaranaike handed over the command of SLFP to her daughter Chandrika Kumaratunga. During this, Mahinda was playing the role of a cabinet minister.
In 2005, Chandrika announced to leave politics. This was a big opportunity for Mahindra. He called his brother Gotabaya back from America. To help with the election. Gotabaya settled in the US in 1991 after retiring from his army service. He returned from America. Brother helped. Help win elections. Mahinda became the President. He said to Gotabaya, where will you go back now? Wait here, help me.
Mahinda made Gotabaya the Defense Minister. And Gotabaya stopped.
During this period, the civil war in Sri Lanka was at its peak. The army intensified its front against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). In 2009, the army declared complete victory. During this thousands of Tamils ​​were killed. A large number of people disappeared. There was a demand for an independent inquiry regarding this. But the Rajapaksa brothers did not pay any attention to this.
Taking advantage of this, Mahinda started making his relatives sit in the government. At that time it was such that more than 40 people of the Rajapaksa family were sitting in some position in the government. There was heavy corruption going on. Journalists were being intimidated. Anyone who wrote about corruption or human rights violations would be harassed. Many were murdered in broad daylight. This reduced the scope of his protest.
At the same time, the Rajapaksa family started coming closer to China. During the war against LTTE, India refused to give arms to Sri Lanka. Rajapaksa turned to China. China helped a lot. When the Sri Lankan army took out the victory parade, at that time the weapons and military vehicles sent by China were shown with great pride.
Sri Lanka gave a lot of loan for the development of infrastructure. But there were many terms and conditions attached to this loan. Heavy interest was to be paid on the loan. But the intention with which the infrastructure was created, income was not coming from it. There are also reports that the Rajapaksa family used the money received in the loan for their personal work. The pockets of the Rajapaksa family kept getting thick and the country kept going bankrupt.
Then came the year of 2015. Mahinda stood in the presidential election for the third time. Rising inflation, corruption, familism, fake nationalism, all these issues hit together. Mahinda's party lost in this election. Maithripala Sirisena became the new President of the country. Sirisena was once a minister in Mahinda's cabinet. Later they decided to separate. After the results, Mahindra blamed the defeat on India. Said, RAW has manipulated the election.
During the reign of Sirisena, an investigation was instituted against the Rajapaksa family. Many family members fled the country. He returned when Mahinda returned to power. At that time Sri Lanka was facing a constitutional crisis. President Sirisena took out the jugaad. He replaced PM Ranil Wickremesinghe and made Mahinda PM. The matter went to the Supreme Court. The court said, this decision is wrong. And Mahinda had to leave the PM's chair.
Presidential elections came again in 2019. The Rajapaksa family was a strong contender. Mahinda Rajapaksa was presenting his claim for the presidency for the third time. But the Sirisena government had imposed a condition. The rule was such that a person cannot become the President of the country more than twice. Mahindra had a jugaad for this too. He raised his brother Gotabaya. And Gotabaya won the election and became the President.
Parliamentary elections were held a year later. In this, Mahinda's party came to power by winning two-thirds of the seats. Sri Lanka was already facing economic crisis. The Rajapaksa brothers failed to assess this seriousness. His wrong policies made this crisis grow rapidly. There was a shortage of basic things in the country. Inflation started rising. Foreign reserves started dwindling. People were protesting. Along with the crisis, the influence of the clan in the government was also increasing.

By the time of April 2022, the economic crisis got out of control. Protest grew so much that the entire cabinet had to resign. Gotabaya and Mahinda Rajapakse are on their respective chairs. When the cabinet resigned. At that time more than ten members of the Rajapaksa family were sitting in important positions in the government. Namal, a son of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, was the Sports Minister. The second son Yoshita was in the post of Chief of Staff of the PM. Mahinda's two brothers Basil and Chamal were also cabinet ministers. Chamal's son Shashindra Rajapaksa had been the Chief Minister and was serving as the Minister of State at the time of his resignation. Basil Rajapaksa was made the Finance Minister in 2021. The matter of his entry in the Parliament of Sri Lanka was surrounded by controversies. Because of his US citizenship. The constitution of Sri Lanka was changed to make Basil a minister. According to reports, at one time about 70 percent of the budget of Sri Lanka was under the control of Rajapaksa's family. Despite this, the Rajapaksa family failed to do anything positive. Emergency was lifted in Sri Lanka on 05 April. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa imposed a nationwide emergency on April 1. Social media sites were banned. A 36-hour curfew was also imposed. Despite this, people were protesting by taking to the streets. Parliament proceedings began on 06 April. In this, Chief Government Whip Minister Johnston Fernando said that the President will not resign at any cost.

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