Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Christian Bale Gorr The God Butcher

 Actor looks evil in the new trailer for Thor: Love & Thunder

However, this full trailer has not been shown. From the new villain Gore the God Butcher, played by a surprisingly dangerous Christian Bale, to the once-rumored-now-confirmed role of Russell Crowe as Zeus, Love and Thunder at a farewell party for the self-proclaimed Strongest The Avenger is on the way to become a cat.
jane foster thor
image credit - youtube trailer screenshot
As you all know, as Boston dominated the second quarter, Marvel fans were stunned after watching the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer for Natalie Portman, the brainwashed Jane Foster since 2013's Thor: The Dark World. Back in the U.S.—who is referred to verbally by Thor, who said the last time he saw her was "eight years, seven months"—he is clearly comfortable in his new role, as he is with the ease of a true veteran. I have seen bad people being crushed easily.

It's still not entirely clear how Jane Foster qualified to raise Mjolnir, but it will certainly be explained in the film. It's also clear that Jen was dusted in the blip, as she thinks only a few years have passed since she last saw her ex-boyfriend. (I'm too lazy to do the math but Thor's quip about "eight years, seven months" seems like the right time between November 2013 and July 2022.)

Strange elements were seen in the trailer, however, all eyes were on the villain of the film.
Christian Bale Gorr The God Butcher
image credit - youtube trailer screenshot
Gor the God Butcher, played by former Batman actor Christian Bale, is unquestionably a character never before seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character clearly has a grudge against the gods—all of them, regardless of where they came from—and is trying to put an end to them all. The film itself is named after him.

The Thor: God of Thunder series is an epic comic book series about the much inspiring Love and Thunder, especially how Jane Foster acts as Thor. have to see it.

Gore is lean, thin and downright dangerous, with pale skin and dark lips.

In the trailer, Gore, a villain, says, "The only thing God cares about is himself." "So this is my vow: all the gods will die." Looks like Love & Thunder won't be all laughs and jokes.

Finally, we can see Russell Crowe as Zeus.

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