Thursday, 26 May 2022

Texas Shooting Salvador Ramos

Texas Shooting: Salvador Ramos Was Himself a Victim of Bullying

In Texas, USA, on Tuesday 24 May, 23 people including 19 students were killed in a fierce shooting at a school, information about the attacker has come to light, It is being told that after 18 years and Salvador Ramos was harassed a lot in school, due to which his behavior had changed a lot, he was always isolated.
Texas Shooting Salvador Ramos

It has also been revealed that Ramos had bought a 2 semi automatic rifle on his 18th birthday, whose picture was also uploaded by Ramos on his social media account.

According to the India Today report, some friends and relatives of the attacker Salvador Ramos said that Ramos had a lot of trouble giving speeches in his childhood, due to which Ramos was badly data at school several times and the students studying with him were also making fun of him. Because of this, he had dropped out of school several times. According to a neighbor, the atmosphere at Ramos's house was also not good. He often had fights with his mother.

According to the Washington Post report, Nadia, who studied with Ramos till the tenth grade, told that Ramos had put videos of domestic fights on Instagram several times, once he uploaded a video on Instagram which also had policemen, Ramos was angry with his mother. was quarreling and saying that his mother wanted to throw him out of the house.

Ramos' friend told CNN Ramos was bullied and ridiculed a lot during his school days. Boys used to make fun of him. Boys at school taunted him about his clothes and his family's financial condition.

On the other hand, a husband and wife who knew Ramos told the New York Times that Salvador Ramos was a secluded hothead and a serious boy who used to quarrel with his mother as a child, according to a CNN report, Salvador used to work at a local restaurant in Texas. The manager of this restaurant also told that he used to keep calm, did not talk much with any employee, just used to work and go away with payment.

Texas Governor Great Abbott gave an important information related to the shooting to the media on Tuesday, he told that Salvador Ramos had announced the shooting before the attack on Robb Elementary School. But had posted three, Ramos wrote in his first post that he is going to shoot his grandmother Ramos informed the grandmother about the shooting in the second post and in the end he wrote that now he is going to shoot at school.

Let us tell you that on May 24, Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary School in Texas with a gun and started firing indiscriminately and killed at least 23 people, including 19 young children, these children were studying in the second, third and fourth grade.

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