Monday, 18 July 2022

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez wedding

Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck have married after dating for 20 years.

Famous pop singer Jennifer Lopez and Batman actor Ben Affleck have tied the knot. Couples got married last Saturday. Both Hollywood stars have collected marriage licenses from Nevada. You will be surprised that both are dating each other for the last 20 years.
Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

Batman actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been licensed on July 16. Pictures of Jennifer's bridal look have also surfaced on social media, Jennifer's best friend hairstylist Chris Appletown has shared Jennifer's video on Instagram.

Let us tell you that in the video, Jennifer is seen wearing a simple wedding gown in white color. Chris Appletown has written in the caption of the video – Last minute feelings before marriage… Although the news of Jennifer and Ben's marriage is in discussion all over the world, but no official announcement has been made by the couples yet. The love couple will return to Las Vegas for their official wedding ceremony.

You will be surprised to hear that Ben and Jennifer have also had a breakup once, they were dating each other in the year 2002 and both of them also got engaged. Then after dating for two years, both of them separated. Then I do not know what happened, both of them came again and after dating each other for about 20 years, they got married.

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